A Cold Heart

During our lives we can become so broken, so destroyed, so fragmented that our hearts turn cold.

The love that fills our pure hearts from the beginning gets pulled and tugged from experience to experience until eventually the life is sucked out of you.

Our hearts may die of lack of love.

There is always love. Love is the answer.

We have to find ways of pumping that love energy back into our hearts through self-love, following our passions and good people.

Suicide Talk

Right now, no one seems to be talking about it, but there is a pandemic of suicides due to this world-wide crisis/planetary evolution.

Suicides are sky rocketing. I will be researching and doing new posts in the future about this vital topic to our times currently.

Suffering in silence with no where to turn; job losses, mental health explosions, breakdowns, fear, depression, anxiety, you name it… Humanity needs our help.


I tried therapy, payed much, little acheived then my therpist calls me annoying when I leave. The very reason I was having therapy was for feeling low in my self-worth and fears of being annoying based on past illusions. Ego stung for a while. Where is human decency? Privacy? Compassion? Love? Confidentiality? What the fuck? A therapist is supposed to be confidential and there to listen not gossip behind your back. Distasteful. Again, my faith in humans dim….

Thanks Mother

I love that look you give me that makes me feel like a piece of shit, a broken piece of trash. Garbage. That look shrinks my vibration and I know I let it happen. I am weak right now and cannot deal with your look of hate. Thank you. It makes me want to kill myself. Thanks for getting me help when I was young when I needed it, something was clearly wrong when you had a corpse of a daughter who is skin and bone, arms like twigs, breasts as flat as a surface. Now look where I am. Anorexia kills.

And you know I am not well, yet you never have bothered particularly to read my blog or research into my illness. You have no consideration for my mental and physical state. I am sick. It is an invisible sickness. Great support. Just give me another hateful look. I will just not care anymore. Moaning and groaning, gossiping and small talk… It is all a load of damaging, soul shrinking crap.

I know I have caused you a lot of pain… I know that…. I love you. I am sorry. God bless you.

Love Is The Answer