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As Your Outer Body Layers Grow And Activate – Your Physical Body Changes

And because of this higher awareness (of 5D) that so many are opening up to, they’re experiencing very ‘real’ changes to their physical body, as a result. For the outer energy layers of our body bring information down into the physical body to shift and change it to match our outer layers of creation and perception. As you activate and grow on the outer levels (with the information you draw in from the ever changing cosmos), eventually your physical body follows suit – it changes to embody more light.

Non-Physical Communication

As you become aware of the entirety of your body, your physical body through to all of the layers of your energy body (your energy field), you become more open to non-physical communication. This allows you to more readily experience your outer body layers, opening you up to the spiritual side of life via the higher dimensions beyond the third ‘physical’ dimension. And because so many people have been waking up and raising their awareness beyond 3D, we now have a critical collective mass of souls who are aware of the fifth dimension (5D) interpenetrating Earth.

This means that they realise how responsible they are for their own energy health and well being and that of others and the planet. For it’s your energy body which is communicating with the environment (the cosmos) around you and of course, with all others.


Energy Ascension Affects Your Physical Body Via Your Energy Field

As an energy being you have many layers to your body created by the soul (which is at the core and emanating through all). Each layer of your energy body interpenetrates the other. Your energy body layers are a part of you. Even though they may be invisible to your physical sight, you can feel them with practice. Consider that your entire body (your body of light) is far more complex than just the physical.

It’s the layers of your energy body, which create your field of light (your auric field) through which you experience, interchange with and interpret life. It’s via your auric field layers that your physical body receives messages and guidance and its template is formed and maintained.

The major body layers (which form your energy field or aura) include :

-the outer most cosmic layer

-the angelic/spiritual layer

-the heart and soul travel layer

-the mental/directive layer

-the emotional/feeling layer

-the physical template/blueprint

-and the physical body


4D Into 5D

As our world has progressively been challenged to wake-up and grow over the last 20 years, with the sharing of ideas and information now becoming near instant, the concept of ‘time’ and the gap between ‘thought and thing’ has diminished. The fourth dimensional level reality (of time) was reached back in 2010 (the true 2012) and in the decade since, we’ve prepared for 5D (the dimensional reality of spirit).

This 5D level of awareness (a creational energy template) finally embedded around our planet back in June 2019. We had reached a critical mass of souls who had risen in consciousness to a high enough level, to bring the 5D reality in for all.

You see, what you do with your life once you ‘wake-up’ does matter. It impacts us all
The past 12 months – energy ascension
Living with a 5D influence for over 12 months now, has been accelerating everyone’s energy. For indeed, when you’re aware of and working with your spiritual reality (the fifth dimension of light) you accept ‘change’ as being a fundamental foundation of spirit – of who you are. And as such, a wave and ever-increasing movement of change (an ascension) has been building upon Earth. You’ve felt it and it has had an impact on your energy – and your body on all levels.


The Growth Of Your Being And Cosmic Expansion

In particular, since the turn of the millennia in 2000, a great cycle of change began on Earth. One great cosmic cycle completed and thrust us all into preparation for the fourth and fifth dimensional reality to come online. In the past, Earth was considered to be a 3D teaching planet. A planetary experience that teaches us about the physical perspective of life. But, over the past 20 years that energy has shifted ever higher, as our entire solar system has been flooded in light, which has raised the vibration on Earth through the 4D level (where time seemingly morphs) to the level of 5D (having an awareness that you are an energy being experiencing physical life). Have you had your wake-up call into the higher realms of spirit since 2000? So many in our community of light have.


Planetary Influences

Just as you are a soul and vibratory energy being, your physical body is made of energy. You are ever morphing, refining and defining yourself and as such your body shifts and changes with you. I’ve created an effective Guided Meditation just for ‘Recalibrating Your Body’. Likewise, you’re constantly interacting with other souls, energy beings – humans, animals, plants, minerals and planetary influences on both a physical and non-physical level. Energy infiltrates many different dimensions at once. We live in a multi-verse of vibration – of light and sound. Just like the weather can lift or deflate your mood, so do the planetary movements have an impact on your energy levels and your rate of growth. Full Moons, retrogrades, eclipses, solar flares and the like affect you – on all levels. And when you understand just how much of an influence they do have on your life, you can work with the cosmic flow to plan and map out the course of your life.

This is why I’ve been writing and speaking The Tip-Off Global Energy Forecast every week since 2003. It’s a constant, engaging teaching tool to remind you of who you are, the spiritual powers that you possess and to inform you of the upcoming cosmic and planetary influences. Having this vital information at your fingertips, truly does help in making wise decisions that advance your purpose and path.

Indeed, as a ‘soul’ you are a cosmic being who is at one with planetary cycles
While you inhabit a human body on Earth, you are in a constant dance and rhythm with multi-dimensional cosmic energetics, which include planetary movements and influences in our local solar system and even beyond. As a human, your physical body serves as a primary vehicle for experiences that will facilitate the growth and expansion of your soul. Souls love to learn and grow through the process of not only physical evolution, but also of spiritual evolution. Souls are in a constant state of evolution, accelerated by the growth of the cosmos and accompanying planetary cycles. And over the past 100 years (in particular) we’ve seen a spike in the number of people who are aware of their energetic (spiritual) nature.



Dear Cosmic Community,
If you’ve often wondered ‘why’ you feel physically, mentally or emotionally challenged without any particular reason or cause, it could be because you’re experiencing the very ‘real’ effects of ascension.

By its nature, the term ‘ascension’ implies ‘rising up’ and when we apply it to our spiritual growth, it takes on the mantle of a developing awareness that both facilitates and accelerates the expansion of consciousness. And indeed, the great cosmic rising that’s been occurring ever since June 2019 when the 5D New Earth template embedded around our globe, has further served to increase ‘ascension symptoms’ as millions are now operating on a much deeper level of everyday knowing.