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Suicide Talk

Right now, no one seems to be talking about it, but there is a pandemic of suicides due to this world-wide crisis/planetary evolution.

Suicides are sky rocketing. I will be researching and doing new posts in the future about this vital topic to our times currently.

Suffering in silence with no where to turn; job losses, mental health explosions, breakdowns, fear, depression, anxiety, you name it… Humanity needs our help.


  • 1. Uncertainty about what is happening, intended, or required.
  • 2. The state of being bewildered or unclear in one’s mind about something.

Baffled and confused, used and abused for different ends. Confusion envelops me into a dust of haze and smog. It is fuzzy out here and I cannot see where I or the future of this planet is headed. Which way to turn? What thought to think? What to belief anymore? What is this baffled brain of mine but a fart in cosmic time.

Hitting Rock Bottom

“So… I got to the bottom of reality.

Only to discover there’s nothing there.

But what a trip it was!

A trip so deep, you never quite come back.

Let me tell you…

Everything is made out of itself.

Like a cat unraveling a yarn that ends up unraveling the cat.

A churning singularity, with no beginning or end.

Everything points to itself. Trying to explain itself to itself through itself, slipping, slipping through itself.

Beyond physicality, beyond the universe, beyond death, beyond awareness, beyond existence & non-existence.

Too insane to care about insanity.

Down, down, down.

Into a dimension unknown.

Like a bottomless floor falling through a bottomless floor.

Into a writhing, bottomless void, denser than the center of a thousand suns.

Into the heart of an infinite-headed hydra.

The Godhead.

An infinite-dimensional fractal.

A runaway chain reaction. An infinite positive feedback loop. Drunk with infinite power. Unstoppable!


Infinite universes spawned every nanosecond.

Infinite universes inside every universe.

Infinity flipping itself inside-out inside itself. For eternity.

Nirvana, Paradise.

The Holiest of all Holies.

So empty it MUST be full. So full it MUST be empty.

Absolutely substance-less.

Absolutely relative. Forever unable to define itself to itself because it is itself.

It is what it ain’t.

A cosmic circle jerk. So incestuous! Making love to itself for eternity. An infinite orgy.

An infinite human centipede.

A trillion orphans dying hungry on the streets? It’s all GOOD!

Too good to be true. And yet it is!

Alive and creative as a motherfucker.

So utterly meaningless it collapses and supernovas into infinite meaning.

The mindfuck to end all mindfucks because it out-fucks them all.

Everything is nothing. Nondual. No Self. The SELF. ONE.

I am Allah, YHWH, Buddha, Christ, Shiva, Krishna, Shakti, Maya, Brahman, Rama, Ein Sof. The Alpha and the Omega.

Meditation?? Lol

Not consciousness, not awareness. BEING. Nameless, unnameable BEING.

All beings are ONE. Immortal. Untouchable.

Nothing to fear.

Reality is an infinite strange-loop. Death by delicious circularity.

Like looking into a microscope and seeing the back of your head.

An infinite hallucination machine, hallucinating its own machinery.

Software so powerful it’s virtualizing its own hardware.

Absolutely inevitable. More inevitable than a mathematical proof.

The ultimate hero’s journey, without a hero.

Heartbreakingly beautiful. Soberingly beautiful. Too beautiful for tears.


Irreducibly mystical.

ENORMOUS beyond all measures of enormity.





The only thing there is, yet the one thing that cannot be pointed to.


Everything is understood. INFINITE UNDERSTANDING. The circle is complete.

But no one will ever understand!

Infinite ignorance.

As it must be.

You want the Truth? You can’t handle the Truth.”

Source: https://www.actualized.org/insights?p=42

Infinite Expansion

“The reason you’re trying to get more money, more sex, more knowledge, more love, more power, more fame, more pleasure, etc, and you can’t seem to get enough, no matter how much you get, is because deep down what you really want is to be infinite. You want an infinite expansion. It’s as though deep down your consciousness realizes that infinity is the goal. But you’re trying to accomplish the infinite through the finite, which will never work. You are like a fly trapped in a windowpane.

Your entire life has been one stifled infinite expansion.”

Source: https://www.actualized.org/insights?p=43


Anger boils up inside of me, seeping out at the seams, a boiling pot of fuming irritations. I am trying to hold myself together before the seams unravel.

When you suppress so much eventually it will come out of you and can come in many forms.

I want to tear it all down and fight. I want to scream. I want to jump out of a window.

Anger can be channeled into change; this means understanding where that anger comes from and then discovering more about yourself. Usually we are angry at ourselves. Fear is the root of anger. What am I scared of? Everything. Fucking damn everything. Nothing has been the same since two and a half years ago, this doesn’t feel like myself.. Who am I anymore?

Waking Up

“One morning you wake up and realize this world is being run by a pedophile satanic elite who have been distracting you with cheap entertainment, none sense fashion, and a little box that tells-a-vision to reprogram your subconscious mind.

You understand that you have been lied to your entire life, and the world you thought you were living in DOES NOT EXIST.

History is all lies. You’re not an advanced monkey. Energy is actually free. Earth is not round. Every pandemic is a hoax. The tendency for Homosexuality/Transgenderism has been created by design to be highly enhanced and distorted from nature. Abortion is murder. Humans are not the only species of this universe but definitely the least intelligent.

Are you questioning reality yet?

You wake up to pursue your duties, your day-to-day drama, and work a job you don’t love. You dream about a different place, a true romance, a fulfilling purpose, and breaking free of your personal dilemma.

This dream continues to live in your mind, years pass, and before you know it, you’re not 25 anymore…

One fine morning you get out of bed and realize the evil that has been twisting reality, enslaving you secretly, playing you like a fool. At the same time, you thought you were just living an ordinary life, paying bills, paying taxes, voting, and believing you were contributing.

Then it dawns on you. You were just a hamster in a cage, and you were not even allowed to own a wheel.

Now anger arises from within you. A voice becomes louder and clearer and eventually transforms into a roar.” – The Galactic Federation Of Light