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The English word spirit comes from the Latin spiritus, meaning breath. In religion and spirituality, the respiration of the human being has for obvious reasons been strongly linked with the very occurrence of life. A similar significance has been attributed to human blood. Spirit has thus evolved to denote that which separates a living body from a corpse, but can be used metaphorically (she performed the piece with spirit or she put up a spirited defence) where it is a synonym for such words as ‘vivacity’.


A body made of the purest form of light (called Noor) which is more pure than any visible color. Shah Wali Ullah was the first who give hints about this body. Qalandar Baba Auliya give its more details while Khwaja Shamsuddin Azeemi thoroughly described that body. This body is actually that is controlling the human physical body. The lights coming from Nasma to material body are visible only through Kirlian photography. These visible lights are called Aura.

Incarnation Of Our Spirit

“Prior to incarnation our spirit, our
consciousness, is aware, and its
luminosity has been compared to that of 100,000 suns radiating at the same time. The incarnated soul, which is part of the infinity of our spirt, or higher Self, carries the same luminous state.

However, this clear light state starts to diminish as the soul comes into the body. At incarnation the soul meets the different energy of the ancestors through the cells of the body. These cells carry the genetic make-up and memory imprints of the ancestral lineage, and these other energies are now incorporated into the being that is born. Further, the energies of the world
are absorbed into the body as the soul experiences different life situations, some of which may be very sad and painful. All these energies are external to the inner being, the soul. Yet, while in the body, the person does not realise this and thinks that all these energies, and the mental processes, thoughts,
beliefs, emotions, and ways of being generated by the energies, belong to it. These vibrations are all from the outside and have found their way into the body. They have been incorporated.”

Source: The School Of ISIS December Newsletter

Soul Loss – Loss Of Our Light

“At some point we may also experience trauma and difficult situations that we find hard to cope with. These situations affect each of us differently. Some may be severely impacted by what others may deem insignificant. Even our mind may judge us for the way we react to an
event. It may say, “Don’t be ridiculous, this is a small thing compared to what other people are going through.” No matter what the mind thinks, it is important to acknowledge all the
situations we find hard to cope with. When we do not acknowledge the pain, a numbing or freezing can take place within us.

In some shocking situations our only option may be to freeze and we may not be able to express our feelings because the trauma is too overwhelming and we do not feel supported enough to express ourselves. Or, it may be too dangerous for us to do so, for example, in abusive relationships. Sometimes after a traumatic event, or even regular exposure to stressful situations, we may
lose interest in life, lose our ability to feel joy and be spontaneous, and be unable to change our circumstances. When this happens we may become like an automaton. Some part of us,
the inner sparkle, has dimmed. In shamanism we say that life has become too difficult and part of our soul, our light, has switched off or withdrawn. In indigenous traditions this is called
‘soul loss.’

Part of our soul has left the body because life or the situation was too hard, and that soul part
did not want to be there. The part that leaves can be ‘frozen in time,’ remaining stuck at the age when the trauma took place, while the rest of our soul goes on with life. In other
situations, such as co-dependent or abusive relationships, part of our soul may be attached to another person, or alternatively, we may carry part of someone else’s soul.”

Source: The School Of ISIS December Newsletter