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The Mind’s Ability To See TRUTH In Nearly Everything

“In interviews, Wilson acknowledged the self-fulfilling nature of the 23 enigma, implying that the real value of the Law of Fives and the 23 enigma is in their demonstration of the mind’s ability to perceive “truth” in nearly anything.”

Source: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/23_enigma

Instructions For Those Who Did Not Understand Where They Ended Up At Birth

  1. You will receive 7 different bodies and a sleeping consciousness – you will need to constantly awaken, develop and improve them. Perceive calmly that you will be simultaneously in different dimensions, and the whole world will be inside you.
  2. You will have to attend a school called Life on Planet Earth. Every person and every event is your Universal Teacher.
  3. There are no mistakes, only lessons. Failure is an integral part of success. There are no victims – only students and teachers.
  4. The lesson will be repeated in a variety of forms until it is fully learned. If you don’t learn the easy lessons – they will become more difficult, when you learn – you will move on to the next lesson.
  5. External problems are an accurate reflection of your inner state. If you change your inner world, the outer world will also change for you.
  6. Pain is the way the universe uses to get your attention – something is wrong.
  7. The world is diverse. Rejection of oneself and others “as is” is the basis of negative emotions that destroy the body.
  8. You will understand that the lesson is learned when your behavior and attitude towards everything changes. Wisdom is gained through practice. A little bit of something is better than a lot of nothing.
  9. There is no place better than “here”. “There” is no better than “here.” When your “there” becomes “here”, you will get another “there”, which again will seem better than “here”. Appreciate what you have now.
  10. Others are just your reflection. You cannot love or hate what is in others if it does not reflect your own qualities.
  11. Life makes a frame, but you paint a picture. If you don’t take responsibility for the painting, others will write it for you.
  12. All answers are in you. You know more than the books say. And all you have to do is look inward, listen to yourself and trust yourself.
  13. Look for your destiny, realize yourself as much as possible in it and surrender yourself to it completely. It can change throughout life. Constantly learn something new and don’t be afraid to start all over again.
  14. Most likely you will forget about it.
  15. You can always remember this instruction if you want …

Author Unknown

Source: https://thegalacticfederation.com/11-023?utm_content=11951261&utm_medium=Email&utm_name=Id&utm_source=Actionetics&utm_term=Email


Conflicted. To meditate, pray and do yoga and watch the world fall apart and die in a downward dog yoga pose; or research about what is going on in the world, conspiracies etc and watch the world fall apart. The middle ground is a bit of both I guess.

Types Of Lonliness

“Of course, being alone and being lonely aren’t the same. Loneliness feels draining, distracting, and upsetting; desired solitude feels peaceful, creative, restorative.

It seems to me that there are several types of loneliness. Of course, not everyone experiences loneliness in the situations described — for instance, not everyone wants a romantic partner. But for some people, the lack of certain kinds of relationships brings loneliness.

Once we’ve pinpointed the particular kind of loneliness we’re experiencing, it may be easier to spot ways to address it.

Here are some types I’ve identified. What have I overlooked?

7 Types of Loneliness

  • New-situation loneliness. You’ve moved to a new city where you don’t know anyone, or you’ve started a new job, or you’ve started at a school full of unfamiliar faces. You’re lonely.
  • I’m-different loneliness. You’re in a place that’s not unfamiliar, but you feel different from other people in an important way that makes you feel isolated. Maybe your faith is really important to you, and the people around you don’t share that — or vice versa. Maybe everyone loves doing outdoor activities, but you don’t — or vice versa. It feels hard to connect with others about the things you find important. Or maybe you’re just hit with the loneliness that hits all of us sometimes — the loneliness that’s part of the human condition.
  • No-sweetheart loneliness. Even if you have lots of family and friends, you feel lonely because you don’t have the intimate attachment of a romantic partner. Or maybe you have a partner, but you don’t feel a deep connection to that person.
  • No-animal loneliness. Many people have a deep need to connect with animals. If this describes you, you’re sustained by these relationships in a way that human relationships don’t replace. While I love my dog Barnaby, I don’t feel this myself — but many people feel like something important is missing if they don’t have a dog or cat (or less conveniently, a horse) in their lives.
  • No-time-for-me loneliness. Sometimes you’re surrounded by people who seem friendly enough, but they don’t want to make the jump from friendly to friends. Maybe they’re too busy with their own lives, or they have lots of friends already, so while you’d like a deeper connection, they don’t seem interested. Or maybe your existing friends have entered a new phase that means they no longer have time for the things you all used to do — everyone has started working very long hours, or has started a family, so that your social scene has changed.
  • Untrustworthy-friends loneliness. Sometimes, you get in a situation where you begin to doubt whether your friends are truly well-intentioned, kind, and helpful. You’re “friends” with people but don’t quite trust them. An important element of friendship is the ability to confide and trust, so if that’s missing, you may feel lonely, even if you have fun with your friends.
  • Quiet-presence loneliness. Sometimes, you may feel lonely because you miss having someone else’s quiet presence. You may have an active social circle at work, or have plenty of friends and family, but you miss having someone to hang out with at home — whether that would mean living with a roommate, a family member, or a sweetheart. Just someone who’s fixing a cup of coffee in the next room, or reading on the sofa.

It’s important to realize why we feel lonely, because only then can we see how we might address it. If you’re no-time-for-me lonely, for instance, maybe a solution would be to work with people on a project, where you’d be doing an endeavor together, on something you’ve all made time for. My mother once noted — and I think it’s very true — it’s easier to make friends when you’re working on a project together.”

Source: https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.psychologytoday.com/gb/blog/the-happiness-project/201702/7-types-loneliness-and-why-it-matters%3famp


Claircognizance means clear knowing.
This is when we have knowledge of people or events that we would not normally have knowledge about. Spirit impresses us with truths that simply pop into our minds from out of nowhere. An example of this would be a premonition: a forewarning of something that will happen in the future. Claircognizance requires tremendous faith because there’s often no practical explanation for why we suddenly “know” something. Many philosophers, professors, doctors, scientists, religious and spiritual leaders and powerful sales and business leaders tend to be highly intuitive and seem to just know the facts with a sense of certainty. If this is you, consider claircognizance as one of your dominant senses.