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By The Fire

Warm glowy nights by the fire, the day is done, sleep is near, cosy and warm by the fire’s gift of energy. Archaic times in the DNA of my being gently, so gently, give me this sense of times long go. This fire lights up my life, warmth sending my vibration high. I miss all those moments of time from birth to death of times by the fire. I miss fire. The smell lingers in my memories, I can summon them yet being in the experience is not the same. Fire, oh fire, how I miss you.. I hope I get to smell you once again, just one more time in this exsistence.

The stars are dancing, no one can see, for the eyes of one’s self standing alone outside is the one who sees. I think I see yet I know, I know, that what I know of the known is but a blip, a minuscule fragment of infinity, energy, infinite intelligence, source, love, ultimate, God………….

Falling Into Place

“Sometimes learning a fact is enough to make an entire series of corroborating details, previously unrecognized, fall into place.” — Jorge Luis Borges

A quote I feel I was looking for for at least a decade, without knowing I’ve been looking for it.

And yet, here it is!

It perfectly describes the subtle phenomena of intuition developing a bigger picture “behind-the-scenes”. Intuition is like magic. It’s capable of creating these spontaneous assemblages of big picture understanding, as long as you take care to feed it lots of diverse raw data. I’ve wanted to articulate this phenomena for a long time but wasn’t sure how to put my finger on it. What amazed me was that Borges articulated it within a single sentence!”

Source: https://www.actualized.org/insights?p=49

Mental Hospitals

Today I was wondering what is happening with our fellow humans in mental hospitals during this time.

Why do we lock people away who are unwell.. They need love. Locking them up inside an institution will most likely make them a lot worse.

These people most likely have been traumatised, are shamans (spiritual healers) who have no guidance, maybe they have spirit attachments or various other issues.

If I could I would unlock all of them and put them in a rehabilitation centre full of health foods, yoga, meditation, counsellors, therapists and programs to come off pharmaceuticals with 24/7 care, I would.

God bless our fellow humans locked away. I pray one day they get they help that they need instead of being locked up, sedated and categorized as crazy. These people are NOT crazy, they are not well.

The Brain On Psychedelics


“Your mind’s interconnectedness, placebo vs mushrooms:


Now that’s what integral thinking looks like! 😀


The Guardian: LSD’s Impact On The Brain Revealed In Groundbreaking Images
Journal Of The Royal Society: Homological Scaffolds Of Brain Functional Networks”

Source: https://www.actualized.org/insights?p=25

Who Are The Machine Elves?

“Great video. But hold on to your hat. Radical openmindedness required.

Note: meeting entities on a few grams of mushrooms as this guy describes is very rare. He is clearly an exceptional case. Ordinary folk will have much better luck with N,N-DMT.”

Source: https://www.actualized.org/insights?p=17


“Here’s some really interesting research on corruption:

Corruption World Map

Corruption is basically a measure of Collective Ego, or the consciousness level and the developmental level of a country. The less conscious a group of people are, the more corrupt their country is.

If you want to quantify which countries are the most evolved, don’t measure their GDP, measure their corruption index. If you want to know whether a country is advancing forward or regressing backward, look to see if their corruption index is improving decade after decade.

You want to live in a country which has the least corruption. Unless you’re a corrupt devil, in which case you want to exploit that corruption to benefit your survival.

A quick way to gauge whether a specific policy proposal is high consciousness or low consciousness is to ask the question: Does this reduce or increase corruption? You’d be amazed by how many laws, bills, and proposals actually increase corruption! This is by design. Corruption can’t help but to spread itself.

If the corruption index of your country is below 50, then you’re in a sketchy part of the world and development will be harder for you. Not impossible, just harder. Countries below 50 will have a lot of Spiral Dynamics Stage Blue and countries below 40 will have a lot of Stage Red & Purple. Don’t create a victim mentality about it. Do the best you can with the cards you’ve been dealt. And if you were born in a country with a corruption index above 50, consider yourself very lucky. You don’t even understand how bad life can get. You have been totally spoiled. Be grateful and use this gift to make something of your life and uplift the world. Countries below 50 badly need help from the countries above 50. Be careful not to demonize countries below 50. They need your help, not your scorn.”

Source: https://www.actualized.org/insights?p=15