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Everything Is Understandable

“What’s amazing about life is that it seems possible to understand every aspect of it if one really cares to know.

-Every aspect of it makes perfect sense when looked at deeply and holistically enough.
-Some aspects of it can only be understood by transcending rationality, self, and mind.
-The deepest aspects of life is unbelievably counter-intuitive.

Of course most people simply do not care to understand. The intent to understand has to be genuine, and for its own sake. Not a manipulation towards some productive end.

It’s equally amazing that every aspect of life can also be easily misunderstood.

Just remember this, if there’s some aspect of life that doesn’t make sense, it’s only because you haven’t yet really cared to understand it. You haven’t yet been willing to pay the price for the understanding. The deepest understandings require self-sacrifice. They are not things one reads in a textbook or hears in a video.

What would happen if you committed your whole existence to understanding — genuine understanding?”

Source: https://www.actualized.org/insights?p=44

Silver Birch: Anguish

“Q: Does Anguish come from within or without?

IT can be both. What you must appreciate is that earthly life provides a polarity which is not available in our world. In our world people of the same stage of evolution are in the same spiritual sphere or plane.

In your world you are mixing all the time with people of varying stages of evolution. You get opportunities for all the opposites to be encountered. Thus you can have light and dark, heat and cold. All this is the purpose of earthly life. It provides the means by which the soul comes into its own.” – The Silver Birch Book Of Questions & Answers