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By The Fire

Warm glowy nights by the fire, the day is done, sleep is near, cosy and warm by the fire’s gift of energy. Archaic times in the DNA of my being gently, so gently, give me this sense of times long go. This fire lights up my life, warmth sending my vibration high. I miss all those moments of time from birth to death of times by the fire. I miss fire. The smell lingers in my memories, I can summon them yet being in the experience is not the same. Fire, oh fire, how I miss you.. I hope I get to smell you once again, just one more time in this exsistence.

The stars are dancing, no one can see, for the eyes of one’s self standing alone outside is the one who sees. I think I see yet I know, I know, that what I know of the known is but a blip, a minuscule fragment of infinity, energy, infinite intelligence, source, love, ultimate, God………….

Q’ero Shamanism

History of Q’ero Shamanism

The Q’ero lineage are a group of indigenous Indians originating from the highest Andes of Peru. When the Spanish conquistadors invaded Peru in the 1500’s, some survivors escaped into the mountains to keep their sacred teachings pure. The Q’ero’s have been able to pass on their healing traditions and ceremony aurally from one generation to the next.

Recently the Q’ero medicine men and women witnessed the glaciers melting in the Andes. To them this was a sign from an ancient prophecy
that it was time for them to come down from the mountains and share their medicine with the west, which they have willingly done. The Q’ero teachings are about bringing things back into balance with nature and to
work in ‘Ayni’ or in reciprocity. The Q’eros see the divine in all nature and speak to each mountain, star, rock, river and tree with great care. In the Quechuan language, there is no word for ‘I’.

The real value of the practices of Andean Sacred Tradition is to help us live life consciously.

This is what the choice of a spiritual path is all about, not just cultivating qualities that enhance well-being such as non-judgement, unconditional love, forgiveness and patience. It’s also being conscious of every action, thought, feeling, emotional intention, intuition, dream and vision. It’s about bridging worlds, not being immersed in either the mundane or the magical. It’s about having the courage to dance between both and to get up quickly when we fall.

Contemporary shamanism holds teachings that are thousands of years old and honed for modern day living. They are efficient light filled practices that bring us back into balance with the Earth and ourselves.

The Q’ero medicine men and women continue to develop advanced techniques in healing, divination and ceremony while keeping a strong spiritual connection to the Andes. These teachings help us to step into our highest destiny and evolve from a place of Munay, or ‘love in service’.”

Source: Ali Rabjohns