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Silver Birch: Spiritual Qualities

“Q: Can you say how one can become more artuculate in expressing feelings to help other people?

TRY occasionally to still yourself for a while, to withdraw from all the jangling discord of your world into the silence of your own soul. When you are quiet, passive, receptive, we can come very close for you, for your silence is our opportunity. If you are never still, you set up such a rush of vibrations that they bar the passage and make it almost impossible for us to get close to you.” – The Silver Birch Book Of Questions & Answers

Hitting Rock Bottom

“So… I got to the bottom of reality.

Only to discover there’s nothing there.

But what a trip it was!

A trip so deep, you never quite come back.

Let me tell you…

Everything is made out of itself.

Like a cat unraveling a yarn that ends up unraveling the cat.

A churning singularity, with no beginning or end.

Everything points to itself. Trying to explain itself to itself through itself, slipping, slipping through itself.

Beyond physicality, beyond the universe, beyond death, beyond awareness, beyond existence & non-existence.

Too insane to care about insanity.

Down, down, down.

Into a dimension unknown.

Like a bottomless floor falling through a bottomless floor.

Into a writhing, bottomless void, denser than the center of a thousand suns.

Into the heart of an infinite-headed hydra.

The Godhead.

An infinite-dimensional fractal.

A runaway chain reaction. An infinite positive feedback loop. Drunk with infinite power. Unstoppable!


Infinite universes spawned every nanosecond.

Infinite universes inside every universe.

Infinity flipping itself inside-out inside itself. For eternity.

Nirvana, Paradise.

The Holiest of all Holies.

So empty it MUST be full. So full it MUST be empty.

Absolutely substance-less.

Absolutely relative. Forever unable to define itself to itself because it is itself.

It is what it ain’t.

A cosmic circle jerk. So incestuous! Making love to itself for eternity. An infinite orgy.

An infinite human centipede.

A trillion orphans dying hungry on the streets? It’s all GOOD!

Too good to be true. And yet it is!

Alive and creative as a motherfucker.

So utterly meaningless it collapses and supernovas into infinite meaning.

The mindfuck to end all mindfucks because it out-fucks them all.

Everything is nothing. Nondual. No Self. The SELF. ONE.

I am Allah, YHWH, Buddha, Christ, Shiva, Krishna, Shakti, Maya, Brahman, Rama, Ein Sof. The Alpha and the Omega.

Meditation?? Lol

Not consciousness, not awareness. BEING. Nameless, unnameable BEING.

All beings are ONE. Immortal. Untouchable.

Nothing to fear.

Reality is an infinite strange-loop. Death by delicious circularity.

Like looking into a microscope and seeing the back of your head.

An infinite hallucination machine, hallucinating its own machinery.

Software so powerful it’s virtualizing its own hardware.

Absolutely inevitable. More inevitable than a mathematical proof.

The ultimate hero’s journey, without a hero.

Heartbreakingly beautiful. Soberingly beautiful. Too beautiful for tears.


Irreducibly mystical.

ENORMOUS beyond all measures of enormity.





The only thing there is, yet the one thing that cannot be pointed to.


Everything is understood. INFINITE UNDERSTANDING. The circle is complete.

But no one will ever understand!

Infinite ignorance.

As it must be.

You want the Truth? You can’t handle the Truth.”

Source: https://www.actualized.org/insights?p=42

The Infinite Chameleon

“Here’s another metaphor for thinking about the ultimate nature of reality:

Imagine, if you will, an infinite chameleon.

Oh, common on! It’s not as ridiculous as it sounds. Put on your thinking-cap and play along.

A regular chameleon is only able change itself in one way: by changing colors. Which equals one degree of freedom. But imagine a creature which is so flexible that it’s able (somehow) to be a chameleon in every way possible. Meaning, it has infinite degrees of freedom. Imagine it could freely morph its size, shape, texture, temperature, smell, bones, cells, molecules, atoms, and even the physical laws which govern its entire being.

How could it do that?

Well… it would have to actually be limitless. As in: without limit. As in: an unlimited, all-powerful chameleon. (Don’t worry, he’s only a danger to pesky flies.)

What would such a creature look it?

Well, not much like a standard chameleon, that’s for sure. It wouldn’t even be right to call it a creature because a “creature” is a label we invented to refer to a set of certain constrains upon infinite degrees of freedom. To be a “creature” precisely means that you’re not free to be something else, like a coffee table. So this thing is not really a creature. But it’s also not a “thing”, because to be a “thing” is also a set of constrains upon infinite degrees of freedom. So this infinite chameleon would most closely resemble no-thing. Why nothing? Because, imagine that every property sort of cancels itself out by its negation, like the positive and negative integers might if you tried to add them all together.

But notice, this would not be your ordinary notion of nothingness, like some kind of black, lifeless void. Instead, imagine this “nothingness chameleon” as having infinite degrees of freedom, allowing “him” to masquerade as everything. He would be bursting at the seams with infinite potential, ready to actualize into something concrete.

So why bother calling it a chameleon then?

Because, the essence of its nature is chameleon-like to the Nth degree. Its very structure exudes illusion and misdirection, for which I think the label “chameleon” is apropos. Plus, everyone knows chameleons are cool.

Could a monster-sized infinite chameleon be hiding right under your nose right this very second?

Impossible! Unscientific! Illogical! Just a silly thought experiment! Mere philosophy! Balderdash!

Maybe. Or maybe… if you stop for a second and consciously look around you, you’ll notice that you’re inside the infinite chameleon right now! After all, where else could you be?

Perhaps you are the infinite chameleon, hiding from itself!

Granted, such a discovery would be rather implausible, outrageous, and embarrassing to admit. After all, how could a chameleon hide himself from himself? But then again, it is a chameleon we’re talking about here. Have you seen how regular chameleons hide in the jungle? They’re pretty good at it. And they’ve only mastered 1 degree of freedom. Imagine what an infinite chameleon could do to hide himself from you.

Maybe you can spot his hoof-prints in the sand 😉

P.S. The nice thing about chasing down infinite chameleons is that there can only be one of him to find 😉

P.P.S. Please don’t poke or worship the infinite chameleon. It makes him cry ;)”

Source: https://www.actualized.org/insights?p=43

Silver Birch: Destruction Of The Earth

“YOUR world will not be destroyed overnight. The Grest Spirit, with infinite love and wisdom, has devised natural laws which provide for every facet of being, mighty or minute, complex or simple. The natural laws operate by evolution, not revolution. They ensure that the power of man is restricted. There are things he cannot do. He has a measure of free will, but it is limited.” – The Silver Birch Book Of Questions & Answers

The Ultimate Simulation

“Reality is the most efficient simulation of itself.

Take a moment to think about this. Because it’s utterly profound.

Imagine you wanted to simulate all of reality in a computer — a programmer’s wet dream. Seems reasonable at first glance: let’s just keep building larger and larger computers, filling them with ever-more complex physics equations, more and more decimal points, and eventually we’ll get there.

But, notice, it’s actually impossible. Why? Because eventually we’d need a computer the size of all of reality in order to hold all the elements we’re simulating. But then where would its mechanism be located? Outside of reality? No, clearly not possible. Inside of reality? Also not possible because then some part of reality would have to be reserved for the location of the mechanism, which would be un-simulated. The computer’s CPU, RAM, and circuitry — no matter how efficient — would need to be occupying some part of reality. Notice that to simulate reality as a whole, your simulation must also simulate itself, ad infinitum. So your simulation must be smaller than reality itself.


Imagine we make our simulation, but it runs on a magical computer. This computer is magical because it has no mechanism. Which means it doesn’t even exist! So we just have pure simulation occurring in a sort of vacuumless vacuum without any hardware. Well… Ta-da! That’s reality! You’re in it right now!

Reality is the ultimate simulation. It’s an instantaneous, effortless, complete simulation of everything possible, afloat in a vacuumless vacuum. It’s completely direct, which means — and here’s the really mindblowing part — that the simulation has no mechanism! It’s so efficient, the middleman — the computer — isn’t needed. The “computer” in which reality runs is literally void! Reality just simply is itself. “Ising” is the magical computer.

This is the essence of mysticism. And it actually squares quite nicely with logic. Logic should tell you that you cannot fit a superset inside a subset, and that everything must have at least one unknowable mystical source, because explanation always relies on at least one ungrounded and irreducible thing. Turns out that reality as a whole is that one irreducible, unexplainable thing. But interestingly, this one thing turns out to explain itself perfectly by virtue of it being Absolute Infinity, beyond which nothing can be, because it already is everything possible.

The most astonishing thing about reality is that it has no rules or limits at its outer-most edge. It knows itself simply by being itself, not by some indirect mechanism like computer hardware clumsily shuffling around bits. That’s simply not needed. Although this seems impossible, you have to remember that reality is the ultimate tyrant. It can do whatever the fuck it wants because there is nothing outside to stop it. Which means that it is not subject to the laws of physics or mathematics or even logic. Which means it is not a mechanical system, it’s a magical system. Not metaphorically magical, but actually magical.

Rational people struggle to understand this because they think that admitting the magic of reality’s being conflicts with the physical sciences. But there is no conflict. When we say that reality is magic, we don’t mean that you cannot calculate the trajectory of a rocket using Newtonian mechanics, or that microwave ovens work by voodoo. We mean the very existence of reality as a whole is magic. We mean that science will never, ever, ever, ever, ever account for reality’s being mechanically. Because the ultimate mechanism of reality is instantaneous being, or Absolute Infinity. That’s what it is! No symbols, ideas, equations, models, or simulations — no matter how detailed or complex — will ever be Absolute Infinity. Only one thing can be Absolute Infinity, and that’s all of reality as a whole. You can use science to explain fragments of reality, but you cannot use science to explain reality as a whole, because in order to do that, you must BECOME reality as a whole — which ceases being science, because science is a part, not a whole. Science is like a computer simulation. It needs space within reality to run, so it will always remain a subset of reality.

Get it? The logic of it is quite basic.

A perfect simulation or model of all of reality is simply the same thing as reality itself. What makes simulations and models useful in the first place is that they are only partial. You wouldn’t know what to do with the whole if you had it. It’s too much.

Imagine you go to the ATM to withdraw some money. The ATM has two buttons: 1) $500 dollars, 2) infinite dollars. You think, “Infinite dollars?!!! Wow! Sounds great!” So you press button #2. Except you don’t realize that infinite dollars means that so many bills will pour down from the sky that all your bones will be crushed, and your family half-way around the world will also get crushed as the whole Earth becomes covered with bills out to the edge of the universe, until the entire universe collapses into one super-massive black hole.

Hey! Maybe that’s how the Big Crunch happens? So please, contain your greed.”

Source: https://www.actualized.org/insights?p=45