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Gaia Energy Shifting

“It is hard to say exactly what is happening with the world it depends if you are taking a 3rd dimensional view or looking from a higher perspective.

On the surface I see people struggling, being challenged, some are rising to the challenges, some are going under and succumbing to the lower energy vibrations of loss of hope, anxiety, depression, the collective consciousness fear, but within all that there are the sparks of light from those that are rising to the challenges and helping others, being more neighbourly, showing kindness to those that they may have once overlooked. So as has always been it is a game of two halves, or a balancing act. The powers that be are happy to generate the fear and wield their power with people ‘doing as they are told’. On a practical level I am taking precautions to allow myself to feel safe, but not because I am being told to but because it is a sensible course of action.

Taking another view though and this I see from people who are more awake, the lightworkers, the star seeds, those resonating at a higher vibration, call them what you will, the energy healers (like me) we are being called by Gaia, the universe to step up and many (including myself) have had vibrational shifts to enable them to help others.

Myself I have had an increase in people requesting card readings, from bot those not knowing where to look for answers and from others open to seeing what is to come, I have also been doing more healing work and mentoring sessions with people who are wishing to take the next step along their paths, having felt a prod from somewhere to do so. Those sensitive to the energies out there have been having an uncomfortable time, some more than others, and have felt shifts in the earths energies daily, we are all learning to accept what is being brought to us and all that we can ask for is that we take these things on with ease and grace.

For some it will be time to leave this planet and for others they will come through wiser and more in touch with themselves and what is important to them in their lives. I am learning slowly to live more in the moment, but I still have my very ‘human’ or should I say mortal, down days when anxiety may creep in and I just allow for that day to sit, be or do whatever I need to, to honour where I am that day, knowing that tomorrow is a new day, full of endless possibilities and new experiences.

I feel that Gaia is asking us all to sit up and take notice and do something to help heal the earth, the nurture and support her as she has nurtured and supported us.” – Anonymous Email From A Spiritual Healer

Empty Beings

Those who pursue nothing but desires.

Those who commit sins led by that temptation.

Those that haunt others with no mercy.

Those who wage wars with words endlessly.

Those that have billions in the bank yet the hunger of others in the human family surrounds them.

Those that poison our water supplies.

Those that thrive off of human trafficking.

Those that feed off of our fear.

Those that pump us with chemicals.

Those that lie to us through the tell-lies-to-vision.

Those that stamp on others to get to the top.

Those who gave up on being human.

-DiosSoulRelics 01/10/20

30/09/20: Am I Dead Yet?

Another day. Pain. I wish I had more to say except pain. Fibromyalgia. Allergic reaction to another food, feeling sick and lethargic. Haven’t gotten out of bed fully. Withdrawals off medication. What a mess. Wanting to get things done all the time, exhausting my brain. I don’t want this. Limited to under ten foods I can eat…

I am confused. So confused. Who am I?

Weak limbs, numb limbs, floppy limbs. I feel like I am dieing.

Another cigarette, another this and that. I am sick of them. I wish I had another option to cope with the pain and trauma left behind.

I feel like I am stuck on an acid trip. Be careful with what you take, especially at a young age…

Feeling misunderstood and bored.

Smelling the neck of yours, the musky, earthy and raw scent lifts my spirit. Making love to you in the morning and connecting deeply are some of the only things I have felt grateful and appreciative towards today. I wish I could do so much with you, but my physical space vehicle does not allow me. The pain and frustration in my eyes I hope communicates to you how sad I am I cannot do things with you that I should be at such a young age. I am in my twenties and yet a cripple.

Meditation, my mind spins and spins round and round, a chemical imbalance that won’t stop. The pain in my body makes it unbearable to sit still. Yoga, today every movement makes me want to scream. Chronic pain and an old lady at twenty, great. Never did I think my life would be this way.

My head and soul and body is a mess.

Part of me wants to obliterate myself, the other knows it is not the way.

Why am I here? What am I doing?

Days are going by, it is October tomorrow. It feels as if time is speeding up. I don’t know where I am going or what I am doing. The future I do not know. The past still haunts me, PTSD. The present is unbearable. I am trying. I am trying. I always feel as if I am not doing enough. I want to help people yet I cannot even help myself.

The misery continues under a smile, a smile to brighten others around me, a smile to try and lift myself. But I know I am not happy, I am screaming inside, I am ripping and shaking and numb and panicky and fearful. Anxious. What a mess.

I wish I could think clearly. I wish I had my life back again. I wish I could have my soul fully embodied, not split by trauma and the ignorant use of psychedelics and who knows what more.

Am I dead yet? I can’t wait for death.

Life asked death “why do people love you so much but not me?” And death replied “because you are a beautiful lie and I am a painful truth.”

A boy asked his mother, “why do all the good people die young?” And his mother replied “which flowers do you pick first in the garden?” Her son said “The pretty and precious ones.”

I hope I die in my sleep.

-DiosSoulRelics 30/09/20

Toxic & Poisoned

The air I breathe in this city is dirty and heavy; I wake up with a blocked nose. I can’t breathe properly, it is heavy and dense here with smog lurking.

Why do I feel ill every day?

The water I drink is heavy, full of metals, fluoride and god knows what else.

The food I eat is riddled with pesticides, genetically modified food and plastic wrapped packages of death. All the fruits of the earth are contaminated.

The body I live in has been given vaccines without my consent as a baby. Who knows what these injections have done to our bodies.

The people around, the masses, thrive off gossip and projection. Where are you realness? Why all the small talk constantly?

This environment is for caged animals. We should not have to live on top of each other in tower blocks.

This mind I have been given has been infiltrated with programming and brain washing since day one. Frequencies and signals frying my brain from satellites and wifi.

We are being poisoned in one way or another.

That is the point, that is the goal for those on the dark side.

Fake lies about a virus circulate the earth; fear spreads like wildfire.

Children are suffering. Human trafficking is coming to the surface like never before. The world is run by psychopaths and pedophiles disguised as friendly, fake and smiley. I see right through you.

We as a human family have been poisoned, manipulated, lied to, deceived and the list goes on and on.

Please, I pray that we all receive relief from this toxic and poisoned reality.

Justice will come for all.





-DiosSoulRelics 30/09/20

Silver Birch: Life Support Machines

“WHEN the time comes for the spirit to leave the body there is no machine in your world that can make it stay. It is not in the power of anyone in your world to compel the spirit to stay once the cord has been cut because then physical death has occured.” – The Silver Birch Book Of Questions & Answers

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21/09/20: A Message To A Shaman

“Hey, good to hear from you, I thought about how you are doing recently.

How are you doing?

I am not doing good since we last spoke, dealing with exactly the same issues therefore there is no need to repeat the mountain of symptoms and problems. The pharmaceuticals, after taking them for one year, seem to be wearing off, I am having anxiety, panic, fear, ghost-like mood, flat mood, severely depressed, feelings of pins and needles or ants crawling over my body. I can’t up the dose and do not EVER want to, I do not know what to do at this point… It’s a mess and I don’t know if I will make it. My mind is a scary, racing mess. My body is sore and aching. I wake up and feel immediately the pain of my existence and human body. I don’t want to live. I don’t have the courage to do it again, not right now. If only I could be obliterated and my avatar terminated. The shadow side of myself I see and I am processing it and making change. I have to be honest with you about what is going on in my head. I feel confused about what is going on with the world around me but I know I have to look within for answers and guidance which is hard when I feel completely disconnected to source, my soul and life. Living in an apartment in the city is very different from the countryside I have known growing up, it’s hard with the noise, stimuli and being the only one not wearing a mask in supermarkets with my partner. Something is coming and I cannot shake off this feeling. I have started my meditation and yoga practice every day, I do not binge at night to stop the pain anymore and have created a website (https://diosraw.wordpress.com) for myself and others about all things occult, spiritual, diary entries, research etc. I’ve made the website less personal and dark but still real and deep. I have no idea what I am doing, writing is my passion and keeps me alive as a coping mechanism. I feel misunderstood and as if I am a drifting ghost going into nowhere. Again, I could write so much to you but this is enough.

Indeed, I suspected strongly this was the case with how the soul was affected by pharmaceuticals (I don’t see them as being worthy of being called “medication” for me personally), “hesitation and confusion” resonates with me completely. It is sad, the reality of the situation with pills many people face, millions, many without even realising what is happening to their temple (body) and soul. I feel disorientated, dissociated and you know the rest..

I look forward to hearing from you later and thank you for your continued help, best wishes as always to you,”