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22/10/20: A Shamanic Therapy Session With Shaman Clare J

Recently I had the opportunity to have a shamanic therapy session with a lady, Clare J, who kindly responded to my email for help. This post details my shamanic experience, Clare’s work and how she might be of help to you dear readers.

“Over the last 7 years Clare has immersed herself deeply in the practice and wisdom of Peruvian Shamanism. Her unique combination of shamanic teachings with counselling, NLP and modern Jungian psychology creates a highly effective healing modality extremely well suited to the western mind.” – https://pashceremony.com/workshop/

Introducing Shaman Clare J in her own words:

“Clare J, The Rainbow Shaman. I am from Essex in the UK. My shamanic training is Peruvian lineage. My work encompasses Q’ero lineage from the mountains of Peru as well as some jungle traditions from Curanderos.

I am a MESA carrier and have received sacred MESA rights, which have been installed and strengthened.

The training is extensive, commonly known as the medicine wheel, it’s common to spend at least a year in each direction building a relationship with its power. The directions being South, West, North & East. Each energy manifesting itself in the form of an animal, so that communication and relationship can be built.

I feel I have had a life long initiation process into shamanism, my soul being strengthened from age 9 when I overcame autoimmune disease holistically. This took my life into my love for health and healing, curing myself of 2 autoimmune conditions.

I have found my shamanic initiations extremely powerful. My last initiation I thought was going to kill me. The energy is very powerful. I’m grateful to have this connection and I’m honoured to be of such service. It is not easy.

I feel that this path chose me, rather than me choosing it. I wasn’t aware the extent of my contract to serve this specifically.

To be able to have a dialogue and a language with formless energy is worth more than all the “things” in this reality. It’s my belief that we as a specifies will be awakening to this ability of communicating more and more.
Science calls it Metaphysics. I call it Mind Power. You could say it’s a conversation with god.

I work with the understanding that we are 3 part beings. So my sessions will allow for cognitive shifts in your brain and your thought patterns, energy healing for your body and metaphysical connection for your soul. All sessions must work with all of these 3 triune truths.”

Clare and myself arranged a time and date for our session and zoom called for over an hour and a half.

On this day I was fully in flu world so I felt like I couldn’t fully be present in our session however I faced the music and felt better after talking to Clare in our first few minutes. I could feel her high vibration from a distance which elevated me.

The screen on my laptop changed to see a beautiful strong woman. I felt at ease throughout our whole session together with her warm loving energy permeating the experience.

We sat down and spoke about ourselves and asked questions. Clare then performed a ritual to the four directions and created a sacred space. Clare and myself danced and patted our bodies to release any pain. I overcame a fear of being myself (screaming, jumping around and making strange noises) in front of a new human I met. I screamed and hit pillows to release the pain which was relieving. We put all my pain into a crystal which, in my hand, was heating up. Clare did a soul retrieval, she found out that at the age of four years old my soul decided to leave a part of itself because I felt I did not belong and could not be myself in this world. I layed down on my sofa and Clare did a ceremony and retrieved the part of my soul that had left. I also came to the realisation I had an intuition of when Clare said I have been and am addicted to pain as I know no different. I need to allow love in and keep that flicker of light burning in my heart.

I wish I had more time to work with Clare, she is a wonderful woman who took the time to help me with my being. Thank you Clare!

Overall I felt that the experience was beneficial, I released some pain and gained a different perspective on my life. I know that I have deep issues and will need a lot more work to find deep healing. I recommend Clare to any of you readers out there who need guidance, support and healing. She may just stir your ship into a new direction.

My favourite part of our session was when she said before we left our zoom call “I love you sister” and I replied “I love you.” This was a profoundly beautiful moment for me, human to human, spirit to spirit, me to you, a fractal of the diamond of life looking back at me.

Please take a moment to check out Clare J Shaman’s website, facebook page and all the links below.

Website: https://pashceremony.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/clarejshaman

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/clarejshaman/

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfgEW4sctw0f7ADM3QRj3tQ

Email: pashceremony@gmail.com

Have a good life,

Amber –@diosraw

Suicide Talk

Right now, no one seems to be talking about it, but there is a pandemic of suicides due to this world-wide crisis/planetary evolution.

Suicides are sky rocketing. I will be researching and doing new posts in the future about this vital topic to our times currently.

Suffering in silence with no where to turn; job losses, mental health explosions, breakdowns, fear, depression, anxiety, you name it… Humanity needs our help.


Nostalgia is a sentimentality for the past, typically for a period or place with happy personal associations.

As we go by with our lives memories flash through our consciousnesses, nosalgia hits and a smile remains.

Whilst washing up today I remembered going to my first rave at 17; the music, atmosphere, excitement, surroundings and a sense of freedom enveloped me at that time. A smile washed over my face. And the day goes on.